Mini air gate LS PLE – the mini unit with the maximum effect. The midget among the HAUG air gates, it nevertheless offers top effectiveness combined with the smallest dimensions. Two rigidly installed ionizing bars with circular jet nozzles guarantees the best performance. The handy unit is particularly suitable for use with smaller machines.

The Duo air gate LS GK, together with its simultaneous dusting of non-conductive surfaces, is a highly developed and efficient aid in the removal of electrostatic charges.The device reduces negative impacts on production so that quality losses, as well as high numbers of rejects, can be almost completely eliminated. This reduces production costs considerably.

The uno air gate KL GK is a tested and proven unit which is used in production to eliminate electrostatic charges, dust and associated interferences in the best possible way. The exchangeable precision nozzles which are arranged offset in two rows shape the air stream into a defined flat jet. Once neutralized, the particles are mechanically removed by means of the air stream.

The Compact Airlock KM GK is operated in the medium pressure range. This technique reduces operating costs significantly, without sacrificing effectiveness. In combination with a HAUG Ionizing bar a good surface for subsequent coating of plastic parts or other pre-treatment processes can archived.

The Air Knife AK GK belongs to the group of air gates. As the name already indicates, these are ionizers which are supported by air flows. The effectiveness of the Air Knife can be explained by the special design of the air discharge nozzle which creates the so-called “coanda effect”.


The Needle ionizer NI generates positive and negative ions. The units assist the air stream and is intended to eliminate electrostatic charges and contamination (e.g. dust) from small and tiny vessels.

Extensive trials have confirmed that the ring ionizing unit EI RIF is the special piece of equipment for the elimination of electrostatic charges during granular product conveying (Ring ionizer in feed pipes). Even extremely high static charge potentials are neutralized reliably and highly effectively. A steady, problem-free and efficient production process is therefore guaranteed.

The HAUG ring ionizer is a highly effective production aid for the discharging and cleaning of surfaces – in particular of non-conductive materials. Beside the hand-held unit, other versions are available for installation into plants and machinery (without air gun).

The HAUG RI LG “Lady Gun” ionizing air gun has its name with good reason: this ionizing device, with its service-friendly handling, is a peerless innovation in the field of elimination of dust and charges. Heavy-duty users and women greatly appreciate is lightweight.

The Accu Jet is an outstanding innovation by the company HAUG Ionization Systems: The Accu Jet represents an all-in ionization system...

The Ion-Air one IR1 low-pressure blower is a versatile device for the elimination of electrostatic charges on non-conductive material. An airflow, enriched with either positive or negative ions, neutralizes interfering surface charges and removes – depending on the working distance – debris from the surface.The Ion-Air one does not need compressed air. Room air is drwan in, filtered, accelerated by the fan, and then simultaneously ionized and blown out again.

HAUG’s Ion-Air blower IB is based on the concept of a proven ionization technique. Negative and positive ions are added to the air flow produced by a cross-flow blower. The air flow hence becomes conductive and is able to eliminate electrostatic surface charges on non-conductive material.

The HAUG air ionization blower Ion-Air mini is a small, lightweight unit which is operated at a voltage of 24VDC. The Ion-Air mini is supplied with a clamp which allows the unit to be fixed very easily in the desired position, for example at a table edge. When the clamp is removed, the Ion-Air mini can be used a handy table-top unit.

With its air assistance, the HAUG Mini-Jet ionizer MJ I neutralizes electrostatic surface charges highly effectively. It comes into its own in space-critical or complex installation situations, in particular. The air assistance allows positive and negative ions to be conveyed over larger distances. This ion flow neutralizes surface charges on workpieces. 

With its air assistance, the HAUG Mini-Jet ionizer MJ II neutralizes electrostatic surface charges highly effectively.It comes into its own in space-critical or complex installation situations, in particular. The air assistance allows positive and negative ions to be conveyed over larger distances. This ion flow neutralizes surface charges on workpieces. 

Delta blower DA TR – small design – great effectiveness! Its compact design makes the Delta blower DA TR a very versatile device. Its wide, cone-shaped air jet blows accross the ionizing pins which generate a vigorous ionic current with positive and negative ions.

The Mobile Circle Cleaner is a hand-held ionizing unit. It eliminates electrostatic charges and adhering dirt in one work process. The Mobile Circle Cleaner is particularly effective on textured surfaces. 

The compact surface cleaning unit Circle Cleaner CC 01 allows electrostatic charges to be reduced or eliminated by means of a rotating compressed air nozzles.A special variable-speed cleaning nozzle with pulsating air flow and twin nozzle with a unique working principle ensures, depending on the operating distance, that disturbing surface charges and contamination are eliminated. 

These Web Cleaner 1 WXC 1 are used for removing dust from surfaces. The functional modules consist of ionization, air jet and extraction. These modules are coordinated effectively within a closed system.

The Web Cleaner 2 WXC 2 is used for contact-free cleaning with simultaneous extraction of visible dust and smaller particles. Cleaning and elimination of electrostatic charges from material webs in the same process by using ionized compressed air. The integrated extractor ensures an optimum and residue-free degree of surface cleaning.

The HAUG Surface Cleaner is intended for the contact-free removal and cleaning of electrostatic charges and particles from, for example, plastic injection mouldings, deep-drawn parts and film webs. The combination of two (round) ionizing bars and pulsed compressed air from several rotating cleaning nozzles ensures a consistent, efficient cleaning result.