processes by removing electrostatic charges.

  • FIX...

    without adhesives by applying electrostatic charges.


    electrostatic "hotspots" using our measuring instruments.

  • The complete product life cycle…

    we cover with the expertise from our departments. Thus we have everything under control and provide ionization systems to meet your needs.

  • A good idea...

    is systematically developed into a high quality HAUG product by applied research. A good idea ... and a few lines are always the beginning.

  • Sophisticated electronics…

    ensures reliable operation of the HAUG ionizing systems.

  • Advanced manufacturing techniques…

    guarantees high precision and quality of the HAUG products.

  • Appointment with advice...

    please contact the sales department at our headquarters or from our many partners around the globe.

  • For the case...

    repair or maintenance is done by our own service engineers in the headquater.

  • … we control electrostatics.

HAUG Ionizing Systems

HAUG produces ionizing systems. These are tools for eliminating and producing electrostatic charges.

Discharging systems are intended to eliminate electrostatic charges and for the contactless cleaning electrostatic particles on foils, glas, paper, carton, textiles and many others.

Charging systems serve the electrostatic fixation, i. e. for sticking together the object by use of electrostatic charge. For example labels are fixed by charging technique in moulding forms (IML-process).

Quality guaranteed

The company HAUG produces ionization systems at the highest level. Independent experts confirm our high quality standards for our products and processes - you can expect a lot ...

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Ion Beam DC ultra compact

Ion Beam DC ultra compact

Highly compact and robust GRP ionisation rod with integrated high-voltage supply and evaluable signals.

Your advantages
• Electronic components not permanently cast and thus replaceable and repairable
• Ionisation rod with integrated high-voltage supply in GRP profile
• Pre-set ion balance

Top Air Compact

Top Air Compact

The mobile and high-performance suction unit has a suction performance up to 540 m³/h. Ideal for particle removal on material webs and for individual cleaning systems.

Your advantages
• Can be combined with common ionisation systems
• Infinitely variable speed setting (manual and external)
• Device easy to move thanks to 4 sturdy rollers for mobile use