Ionizing unit AJ


The Accu Jet is an outstanding innovation by the company HAUG Ionization Systems: The Accu Jet represents an all-in ionization system...

No need to buy a separate high-voltage power pack, ionizing bar and high-voltage cable. The Accu Jet incorporates all these, perfectly matched to each other. With the battery fully charged, the Accu Jet can be used immediately and will provide continuous operation for up to approx. 16 hours.

The Accu Jet can be used in many extremely flexible ways in production or assembly environments. It will allow you to eliminate electrostatic charges from surfaces at virtually every workplace. In combination with a compressed air connection, the Accu Jet will also enable you to remove any adhering particles from surfaces. 

The Accu Jet saves you money right from the word go: several staff members can share one and the same Accu Jet for a certain production step at their workplace.

The straightforward handling makes the Accu Jet so versatile. The trigger controls all the operating functions of the Accu Jet. It serves to switch on the ionization, and controls the compressed air. Two LEDs are incorporated: one for the operating state of the Li-ion battery, and one for the high voltage.

Technical data *
Type: AJ
Order-No.: 04.880.000,
with lithium ion battery and charger
Dimensions: 214 x 261 x 70 mm (L x H x D)
Supply voltage: Lithium ion battery; 10.8 V, 1.500 mAh
Maximum current consumption: 350 mA
Operating time: 16 hours max. (continuous operation)
Compressed air connection: 6 bar max.
Nozzle: Full jet nozzle Ø 2 mm (standard), other nozzle shapes and diameteres on request
Weight: approx. 916 g (incl. battery), approx. 700 g (excl. battery)
Operating temperature: +5 °C to +45 °C
Storage-/transport-temperature: -15 °C to +60 °C

*) Subject to technical changes!

Accessories Order-No.:
Compressed air hose, electrically conductive X-3771
Replacement battery, 10.8 V X-8256
Replacement charger X-8258
Compressed air maintenance unit 3/4" 11.7210.001