Top Air System

The HAUG Top Air System supplies suction air and high voltage for systems to de-dust tracks with a combined ionisation system. The extraction air supply is permanently monitored by the Top Air System and kept in the optimum working range.

The HAUG discharge power supply unit EN 9 Sine supplies the ionisation bars with high voltage and monitors the complete ionisation system.

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Operating Principle

The programmable logic controller (PLC) monitors all ingoing and outgoing air currents:

  • The extraction volume current of the high pressure ventilator is regulated according to the differential pressure measurement.
  • The controls determined the degree of contamination in the air filter using sensors in the extraction channel and compensates for the increasing level of contamination to keep the extraction output constant. 

Variable air inlets on the suction and pressure side make it easier to integrate into existing (fan) air systems. The input and output for the compressed air supply are fitted with couplings.

The integrated HAUG discharge power supply unit EN 9 Sine offer 4 high voltage connections for ionisation bars and integrated functional monitoring.

The operating status of the air supply and the ionisation system can be seen on the Top Air System display. Faults can be reported to a machine control System.


  • •PLC monitors the incoming and outgoing suction air currents.
  • •HAUG discharge power supply unit with 4 HV connections and function monitoring
  • •Integration into machine controls
  • •System can be moved on rollers
  • •Various filter classes available
  • •The customer can change the filter

Technical Data

Top Air System
Order no.:
Air extraction system
(L x W x H)
855 x 568 x 950 mm
Operating voltage
400 VAC
Power consumption max.:
2.5 kW
Weight approx.:
116 kg
Siemens Logo
• Extraction 2)
Volume current
13 m³/min
Pressure difference
3200 Pa
Sound pressure level
74 dB(A)
Suction connection Ø
2x optionally 
50/70/80/100 mm
Pressure connection Ø
1x Ø150 mm
Pre-filter filter class
Fine filter filter class
• Compressed air
Coupling plugs nominal width
1x 7.2 mm
Coupling sockets nominal width
3x 7.2 mm
Compressed air maintenance unit
Discharge power supply unit
EN 9 Sine
HV connections
Power consumption Pmax. :
80 VA
Output voltage approx.:
6.7 ±1 kVAC
Output short circuit current
≤ 5 mA
Operating temperature:
+5 — +45 °C
Storage/transport temperature:
-15 — +60 °C

1) Technical details subject to change! / 2) If required, can also be fitted with other filter classes.