Ionizing unit ACL


The Air Cleaner ACL is a portable air cleaning unit, that cleans the indoor air and enriches it with ions. A carrying handle makes transport and installation of the device appliance. A silent radial fan provides air circulation.



The room air is aspirated by a radial fan through a large air inlet on the housing side and blown out at the front panel. The speed of the radial fan can be controlled in five steps from unobtrusively quiet operation at 3 dB(A) up to a maximum airflow of 180 m³/h.

A high-quality fine-dust filter of class EU 9/10 cleans the aspirated air from particles and suspended particles. The dust filter can be changed by the user. The maintenance-free ionization unit enriches the escaping air with negative ions (anions).

These promote the breakdown of odorous gases and aerosols in the indoor air. Of free radicals of the outgoing air is also an antimicrobial effect.