Ionizing system U-Electrode DC compact

U-Electrode DC compact

The HAUG U-Electrode DC compact is an integrated ionisation system for use in laboratories. Thanks to its structural form, the U-Electrode DC compact can neutralise small objects electrostatically from all sides in a single passage. This allows minute quantities to be weighed precisely without the disrupting influence of the electrostatics.

Functional principle

A high-voltage unit is already housed in the HAUG U-Electrode DC compact. The high voltage generated there is lead to tungsten tips, which emit positive and negative ions. The tungsten tips are particularly long-lasting and remain corrosion-free even in aggressive atmospheres.

The U-Electrode DC compact generates a concentrated ion field between its wings. This ion field neutralises smaller objects from all sides in a single passage. To this end, the weighed material (along with the weighing vessel) is slowly guided through the wings of the electrode before being weighed. Thereafter, the weighing process is no longer falsified by the attractive forces of electrostatic charges.


The HAUG U-Electrode DC compact is positioned in direct proximity to the scales. The electrode can be operated in a standing or lying setup. The voltage supply takes place by means of an external wall plug transformer; the HAUG electrode is thus already usable.


    • • Neutralize several sides at the same time
    • • Standing or lying installation
    • • Power supply via external plug-in power supply unit
    • • Durable tungsten tips

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