Ionizing unit EI Form


The HAUG segmental ionizer EI Form has proven its value in the removal of electrostatic charges in the packaging industry and in the medical technology. Production-interfering surface charges can be removed reliably and effectively with the EI Form.

The segmental ionizer EI Form is an ionizing unit which can be adapted to convex and concave shaped surfaces. This unit is available with up to a maximum of 20 segments with a smallest bending radius of 135 mm.


Special features and advantages

  • Its flexible construction offers a wide range of applications.
  • The ionizing electrode can be adapted to any curved surfaces.
  • The number of segments can be choosen freely (max. 20 segments).
  • The ionizing unit is operator-friendly and safe to touch.

Cleaning and maintenance

Regular cleaning with the HAUG special cleaning agent SRM 1 and the cleaning system RS 1 guarantees constant efficiency of the ionizing unit.


Technical data

Type EI Form Order-No.: 03.8200.000
Dimensions per Segment 12 x 26 x 60 mm (H x W x D)
Bar length Number of segments x 48 mm
(max. 20 Segments)
Operating temperature +5°C to +45°C
Storage/transport temperature -15°C to +60°C
Optimum effective distance 20 – 30 mm
Mains cable approx. 2,6 m
Smallest bending radius (cable) R 135

Subject to technical changes!

Suitable power packs

Connectable lengths
(ionizing unit incl. high-voltage cable)
EN SL max. 5 m
EN SL LC / EN SL RLC max. 10 m
EN 8 / EN 8 LC max. 18 m
Multistat max. 18 m
EN 70 / EN 70 LC max. 2 x 18 m

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