Power pack EN 70


The high-voltage power pack EN 70 / EN 70 LC / EN 70 RLC is a powerful and hardwearing unit. Its design fulfills all electrical engineering requirements. The EN 70 / EN 70 LC / EN 70 RLC power pack is used in fast-running machines in combination with tandem ionizing bars.


It is equipped with two transformers which operate by 180° out of phase and four high-voltage terminals each. Any surface charges which might disrupt production will be removed reliably and effictively using the HAUG ionizing unit – even at high operation speeds. The power pack EN 70 RLC has two additionally relay contacts for fault signals.

The watchdog function integrated into the secondary are serves to indicate any drop below the corona inception voltage by means of a flashing LED
The HAUG System X-2000 coaxial high-voltage plug-and-socket connection offers a unique benefit. The airtight high-voltage plug can be connected to HAUG power packs without any tools. The highly flexible coaxially shielded safety cable is used to connect the ionizing unit to the voltage supply source.
Due to its round design, the tandem ionizing bar EI RD / EI VD / EI HRDallows a pin-point rotary adjustment to the running direction of the material. The ionizing bar is absolutely safe to touch. Low-wear special electrodes ensure a long service life. The design fulfills the most significent requirements imposed by the mechanical engineering industry.

Power pack EN 70

Identical to power pack EN 70 LC, but without integrated watchdog function.

Functional principle of a tandem ionizing system

The example given is based on a web speed V = 900 m/min. The bars are mounted at a distance of 32 mm and designated S1 and S2. These designations are also indicated on the relevant voltage curves. The ionizing effect is indicated for times t1 and t2.

Tandem ionizing bars are also suitable for machine speeds of ≥150 m/min

Voltage curves for the two transformers (by 180° out of phase)
Voltage curves for the two transformers (by 180° out of phase)

Technical data

Types EN 70 115V
Order-No.: 01.770.000
Order-No.: 01.771.000
EN 70 LC 115V
Order-No.: 01.770.100
Order-No.: 01.771.100
EN 70 RLC 115V
Order-No.: 01.770.400
Order-No.: 01.771.400
Protection type IP 54
Protection class I
Supply voltage 115 VAC / 230 VAC (50 – 60 Hz)
Power consumption approx. 160 VA
Output-voltage approx. 7 – 8 kVAC
Output short-circuit current (lk) ≤ 5 mA
Contact load at
signalling terminals (RLC)
max. 24 VAC / 35 VDC, 50 mA
HV-terminals 2 x 4
Connectable length max. 2 x 18 m (ionizing unit incl. HV-cable)
Operating temperature +5 °C to +45 °C
Storage/transport temperature -15 °C to +60 °C
Weight approx. 8.5 kg
Mains cable 2.6 m; fixed to the device

Subject to technical changes!

Accessories EN 70 RLC

Signalling cable K1
shielded, incl. round plug
5 m Order-No.: 06.8941.000
10 m Order-No.: 06.8941.001
20 m Order-No.: 06.8941.002
Round plug Order-No.: X-0616
Angled plug Order-No.: X-5718

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