U-Electrode DC compact

The U-Electrode DC compact is an integrated ionization system for use in laboratories. Due to its design, the U-Electrode DC compact can electrostatically neutralize small objects from three sides in a single pass. This enables precise weighing of the smallest quantities without the disturbing influence of electrostatics.

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2018-11 Ion Beam DC compact

The Ion Beam DC compact is a fully integrated ionization system that requires neither a separate high voltage power supply nor a high voltage cable. It works on the highly efficient DC voltage principle and can be connected to a machine control.

2018-09 Top Air Anlage

The HAUG Top Air system supplies suction air and high voltage for railway cleaning systems with a combined ionization system. The suction air flow is permanently monitored by the Top Air system and kept in the optimum working range. The HAUG unloading power pack EN 9 Sine supplies the ionisation bars with high voltage and monitors the complete ionisation system.

2018-06 • Ionizing system Ion Pen

Some process steps demand a dust-free assembly of (very) small components without a clean-room environment being economical. Particularly in precision and in the optical or opto-electronic industry, manual assembly steps often have very high demands of surface cleanliness. To remove existing particles from surfaces in a reliable way and to reduce new particles from settling, the Ion Pen system is the perfect solution. Thanks to its compact construction, it fits into every assembly site

2016-02 • Multistat Ex SDN

Das Multistat Ex SDN ist ein nach ATEX zertifiziertes Entladenetzteil mit vollelektronischer Funktionsüberwachung. Es ist mit einer automatischen Störmeldung, einer Analoganzeige zur Kontrolle der Ausgangs-Hochspannung und mit bis zu zwei Meldebuchsen ausgerüstet.

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2015-12 • Static Meter L

Das Messgerät Static Meter L kombiniert funktionalen Aufbau und einfache Handhabung mit präziser Messtechnik. Elektrostatische Oberflächenladungen können ohne Beeinflussung in ihrer Größe gemessen werden. Eine Abstandskontrolle über Leuchtpunkte und das einfache Bedienkonzept unterstützen bei der fehlerfreien Messung.

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2016-10 Accu Jet Fan - Excellent mobility!

The Accu Jet Fan combines electrostatic neutralization with unique mobility: Neither separate discharging power supply, nor power outlet or air connection are necessary - they are already integrated in the Accu Jet Fan. You free surfaces from electrostatic charges and adhering particles in only one operation.