Our product lines for applying electrostatic charges ...

Charging – Charge Line

HAUG charging systems are intended for the contact-free application of electrostatic charges. These systems are used whenever different materials need to be fixed to one another electrostatically. At least one of these materials must be insulating. The electrostatic fixation is intended to support downstream processes such as the film overlap in packaging machines. HAUG charging machines can be used, among others, in the following applications:

  • • for fixing and positioning films and foils, paper an cardboard, e.g. on steel sheets, glass panels, wood Panels  or simila
  • • for fixing films and foils on packaging machines / film welding machines
  • • for fixing films and foils on turret film winders, for fixing the wound film against telescoping and glue-less commencement of the film winding process on cardboard tubes

HAUG charging generators are direct voltage generators with different, adjustable output voltages between 0 and 40kVDC. All charging generators are available with positive and negative polarity. Depending on the intented application, three different categories of generators can be supplied: the AG series, the TR series, and the AGW/HW series. The matching electrodes and triodes are available in customized lengths. The distance to the surface to be charged is between 10 – 30 mm (triode).

Note: We strongly recommend discharging the surfaces using a HAUG ionizing system before fixing the materials. A suitable counter-electrode is required to charge the different materials. If the counter-electrode is not provided by a metal machine part, it must be created by adding an ionizing bar, for example (refer to application technology 8.20).