Our product lines for measuring and testing electrostatic charges ...

Measuring and testing – Test Line

HAUG offers easy-to-use units which can be broken into two groups. Group 1 are field intensity meters for the measurement of electrical charges, fields and potentials, while group 2 includes units for the qualitative testing of power packs and ionizing units (discharging).

Test equipment for function tests is available in different versions and intended for testing the performance of ionizing bars and power packs. All measuring instruments can be calibrated regularly. A surface resistance measuring unit is also available.

Field intensity meters are used to determine the electrostatic chargeability of different materials.

The HAUG performance counter PZ 3 is available for contact-free detection of perforations, e.g. to determine the number of bags/batches, and allows up to 900 counting pulses per minute.

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