Ionizing unit EI Ex T


The design of the ionizing bar EI Ex T complies with the European ATEX directivities. In combination with the power pack EN 92 Ex or Multistat Ex, it is suitable for use in manufacturing locations with potentially explosive atmospheres resulting from gases of explosion group IIA, temperature classes T4 to T6. Units for areas with potentially explosive atmospheres (ex zone). 


For many years, HAUG has been a competent manufacturer of ionizing units approved for equipment in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres. These are intended to eliminate unwanted electrostatic charges in areas where hazardous gases may form, such as paint plants or printing machines.


  • Graphic industry: Screen, tampon and offset printing machines etc.
  • Paint shops: automotive paint applications, painting of plastic parts, etc.

Technical data EI Ex T

Types EI Ex T for connection to Multistat Ex Order-No.: 03.8051.000
EI Ex T for connection to EN 92 Ex Order-No.: 03.8251.000

Accessories EI Ex T

By installing the ionizing bar in a suitable body, a compressed-air assisted ionization system can be created. This air gate is particularly suitable for blowing-off processes on plate and web material or where installation is difficult, e.g. in the case of distances further away from the material.

Four basic body types LS Ex, KL Ex, KM Ex and AK Ex are available. Air consumption figures on request.

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